TGIF: My Week In Review

This beauty really got me through this week.
Her smile, her crazy antics really kept me sane.
Course it helps every time she says mama I get all soft inside. 😉

TGIF: My Week in Review is going to be a weekly feature.
It’ll be posted earlier once I start realizing it’s Friday earlier in the day.  *blush*
What I survived this week, what I loved, what I didn’t and of course what I am looking forward to,

This was a tough week. Wisdom tooth gone, I am slowly on the mend.  That’s the one thing I didn’t love about this week.
I’m normally not big on taking any kind of pain meds but I’ve been taking Advil to make the pain bearable.
A young baby and being in this much pain. Not easy.

What I loved about this week:
Napping with my daughter during the day (when she napped.)
Talking with some great people about reviewing their work. (more on that soon)

What I am looking forward to:
Eating real food again!!
No more pain and stiff jaw
Reading some great books
Setting the review schedule once hard copies arrive.

Bonus: What I’m Looking for: Someone to design a blog theme I can see in my head but don’t have the time or skill to produce.  A theme including some illustrations and a header.
Possibly also a business card design.
But I’m on a budget so not breaking the bank would be excellent.
I have a set I’d like to spend.
Also willing to have a link to the artists site in the footer and an acknowledgement on the site.

Know of someone, or interested email me at unorthodoxmama at gmail


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