TGIF: My Week In Review

This face says it all.
For me at least. For her this face is a “What?! I’m not plotting my escape through this here tiny hole between the fence and couch.”

.. I made it.

Don’t ask how, I honestly don’t know.

Today meant two chocolate breaks. Just to get through the day.
It was almost 3.

I survived a very sore jaw. Still.
I survived a week of a nap resistant baby.
I survived a broken furnace (thanks to a space heater that rocks!)
I survived a post baby weird sensitivity to onion.

I didn’t love: NOT receiving my Qudditch Quarterly September issue and having the IQA completely ignore my tweets and email.
A waste of an almost $55 subscription.

I won’t be endorsing, mentioning or putting anymore of my money anywhere near that organization.
I’m more than a little furious.

I read: (and reviewed) Tormented (Immortals Saga)
After The Cross

I loved: Tormented (Immortals Saga)
The warm oatmeal I had this morning complete with melty peanut butter in it. Mmmm.

Looking forward to:
A holiday weekend this weekend!
Reading the next two books in the 6 I hope to get through in the next couple weeks.
The mail man bringing me my first batch of hard copies!!

Love those eyes.
Melts this mamas heart.


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