TGIF: My Week In Review

This is one of those weeks that at time felt tough, but when I look back as we are nearing the end it really wasn’t as bad as it felt (sometimes).

My planner goal – of trying to stick to filling it in, and having fun with it, is going AMAZINGLY.  I love it.
I am now wishing that I had bigger boxes to work with and more fun embellishments to work with.

20150108 Planner goal


We also finally got a new fridge. No thanks to Sears Canada.
Initally, one was purchased there, but they lost it, didn’t get it on the delivery truck and never bothered to call.
Instead of trying to fix their mistake and get the fridge here, they wanted us to wait another week.

Um.. No.
So, that order was cancelled and one was purchased at Old MacDonald’s Farm. Yes. I am serious.

Those wonderful people sold a floor model and had it here in two days.

20150107_124755Right now, it is in the dining room. Waiting until the day, there is a kitchen. If that ever comes to be.

I’d say, there is a quicker chance of me finally finding a place for Kidlet and I to move, than there is to having that kitchen finished. Or full heat in the house for that matter.

We finally have the gas fireplace going. The housemate finally admitted that works. I think she only finally told me that because she knew she was paying the hotel bill otherwise. I was not staying in a house with out better heat than baseboards in the bedrooms and a space heater for me in the dining room in -30 weather.

The universe was also incredibly kind to me this morning and warned me my desktop was going to have a hardware fail.
I got to print out some important documents before that happened.

My middle grade novel WIP is now safely printed. As well as two other ideas I had been tossing around and a fanfic I had started.

I am back to hand writing the old fashion way.
I write easier/better/faster that way.

We also had some crazy fun here.
Kidlet and I were playing with balloons. She laughed so much I thought she may cry. 🙂
Super cute and fun. I think we are slowly reconnecting after a bad few days.

She has quit napping, and had some late nights, and early mornings. She has also been waking up in the middle of the night asking to get up.
I am not coping well. Nap time was my break for sanity and a rest.

I have now made it quiet time, in her room time since napping won’t happen.
It allowed me some time to myself and to unwind a bit.

This weekend, the floor gets measured for the new furnace supposedly that is going to happen next week.
We also are out of town to see family one day for the last Christmas gathering.

One day at a time, but we will eventually get where we are supposed to be in the next chapter of our lives and I can’t wait.
Until then I am trying to remember to enjoy the moments, find the silver linings and try to stay positive.

I can do this.

What were the highlights of your week? What things are you most excited for?



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