Thankful Thursday

It is Thursday, that means we have almost made it to the weekend. For those who don’t have to endure a weekend of house guests you could do with out. (Bleh!)
It also means that Ostara will be upon us tomorrow!! The first day of Spring.

After this past winter and all that in dealt us, I am glad to be into a new season. A season of beginnings and rebirth. 🙂

I am hoping that means the weather we were having before these last few will return.

Right now, it is sunny but super chilly.
Positive side is the snow is melting. Thank goodness.

Also positive side, the housemate is doing better since her 9ft fall. She’s not 100% but she’s at least able to shower, dress and take herself to the bathroom. Also getting herself in and out of bed or a chair.  So there is that to be super thankful for.

I am now back to just caring for kiddo and the odd thing for her. Instead of doing everything for everyone.
Which gets exhausting really, really fast.

Honestly I don’t know how nurses and psw’s do it all day, every day.

I am not sure when or if the Kitchen is going to ever be finished at this point. She’s trying to find a professional that will take on a small job, now that there’s not much to be done. That so far as not been successful.
The neighbor that she thought she was chummy chummy with has said no, and her uncles are being of no help.

So all that is up in the air.

But silver lining. I am not falling exhausted into bed at 8pm every night, after putting kiddo to bed so I can get back to some serious reading. Thankful for that more than anyone can possibly know.

What are you thankful for this week?

Happy Reading!!


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