The Creative Family

I just finished this. I actually stopped reading “You Are Your child’s First Teacher” to read this one.
I intended to read the “Preview” on my Ereader thinking I would come back to it.
However, the crafty person in me was sucked in.
Amazon has a preview here.

This book really, sparked my fire.
P is only 4 months old so I have a bit of time yet before we are getting really “crafty”. But it’s filled with a lot of great ideas. It had me highlighting and leaving notes in my Ereader. My creative juices haven’t been flowing that well since P’s birth. This book broke the damn.

It also gave me a lot of great ideas for creating a creative environment in the home.
Something that the apartment seeker in me is loving. Now just to find that right apartment and we are set. 

I briefly looked at the reviews while the book downloaded and I am amazed at how mixed the comments were.
Personally, 5 stars from me.
It’s well written, an easy read and it’s not full of difficult crafts. So even someone with little to no skill (me) can dive in and not be intimidated.

The back of the book also has a Resource Section.
Usually, I find they don’t contain much of interest to me.
This time I was suprised. It was not only interesting, it was useful and something I know I will be coming back to as often as I will the rest of the book as the years go on.

So glad I decided to pick this one up.

In non book related news:

P has been so anti afternoon nap lately, that I have taken her to bed much earlier.
We have quiet time in the dark, cuddling, singing, stories and she nurses off to sleep when she’s had enough down time.
Once she’s asleep I read and usually pass out at about 10 or 1130pm depending on how into a book I end up.

I am actually liking the change myself it means I end up reading a lot more than I have in a long time.
She’s helping me meet that goal with out even realizing it.

She’s turned her former favourite toy into something of a hazard on me.
Her musical tummy/back toy – You know the kind  dangly toys and a mirror?
She can reach the dangly bits, well now she is holding on to the corner of one and trying  to flip herself over.

Needless to say no more leaving her under it to run and pee. 


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