Unplugged Weekend

This past weekend was an interesting experiment for me.
I took the weekend and (mostly) unplugged. It was needed.

By mostly, I mean I had to get on to price some things I wanted and look up a location.
I also watched a YouTube video because that is my tv. I don’t do cable and I have been less and less impressed with Netflix.

I have been in an endless cycle of Twitter, Instagram and email.
I wanted the weekend to refocus my priorities.

I spent the weekend playing with kidlet, writing in my spiritual journal and running errands.
I filled a 32 page notebook with spiritual exercises.

I just generally felt really good this weekend.

This morning started with a rogue cow at the cow crossing.
Let me tell you, a cow running at your car is scary. I froze in my seat holding my breath.
It was funny and kind of cute after. But during not so much.

He just did not want to go home from the field apparently. 🙂

I think I am going to start taking Friday and Saturday and being unplugged. It’s great me time and great time with Kidlet.

We also did Kidlet’s first hair cut. She was fantastic.

Kidlet first haircut 2 20150117 Kidlet first hair cut 1


I tried melon head since it is geared at kids.

Sure, great chairs and bright colours. But ugh
A hair dresser with opinions on how my kids hair should be done, who cut it shorter than I said. She generally, just rubbed me the wrong way, but she worked fast and I was out in ten minutes.

At least now I know Kidlet will be fine with a regular hairstylist.
Seeing me get my hair cut last time helped I am sure.
It actually kind of freaks me out how much she looks like me as a kid. But at the same time I kind of love it.

Today was kind of tough. Running errands and trying to find a place to eat. Driving for two hours and we just could not find anything. Finally settled on one restaurant and it was a learning experience. Never to be repeated.

But I ended it with a trip to Walmart. Some clear stamps from the clearance section, a cheap label maker, paper edgers, a small scrapbook kit, black sharpies, and multi-coloured ink joy pens and clips. 🙂

I really like the stamps because they look like great stamps to add colour too.

My art will more forward. I am determined.

When is the last time you unplugged? Did the results surprise you?


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