February: Upcoming and Goals

I have to admit that I was surprised to see that it is Friday, already. This week just flew by.
Friday, I had planned to get up a bit before Kidlet. But I was exhausted by bed time. So much so I forgot to set the alarm and realized when I got up, that I had forgotten to change out of my day pants in to pj’s. (Good thing yoga pants are comfy!)
I had even remembered to set up the coffee pot the night before.

Some times, you just have to let the body sleep.

It’s Friday, so it’s time to set some goals.

Weekend Goals:

See if I can find some vintage like valentines and get those ready to send out. To my IGGPPC friends.
I remembered when I was walking into Walmart and then lost it by the I hit the clearance section looking for pens and things.

Our other goal is to get some time OUTSIDE.

I also NEED to get my new planner idea sorted and put together by Saturday Night. So it is ready for Sunday.

Goals for First Week Of February:

I want to find a new documentary or movie to watch this month. Something a little out of my comfort zone.
Nothing scary, or completely heart wrenching.

Try to finish up some more of my zine.
I am still struggling a bit with that I want to include in my zine.

But I will get there.
One of the most important things I read in Stolen Sharpie Revolution was that deadlines are self imposed. So, instead of stressing, I am just going to go with the flow and let the right content show itself.

Goals for the Month:

Begin the new plans for the monthly planner.
I found the perfect use for the monthly planner. ( I am 98% sure)
I am going to use it as a gratitude planner. Listing things I am grateful for.
I am also going to list the books read there and new things I try.
With Bullet lists it should all fit.

February 18th is also the first day of LENT 2015.

I came across a site called SSJE. (Society of Saint John the Evangelist) They have a online series for Lent. It involves a daily Youtube video to watch and reflect on. With a worksheet.
The theme is TIME.
I downloaded the PDF here.
This will go for the entire length of Lent. February 18th- March 28th 2015.

One of my personal monthly goals for the year was to really focus on my spirituality. This is the perfect thing to do that.
I am hoping the experience will guide me where I need to go next.

This month the #LOVEYOURINNERGEEK begins. So you will see that hashtag be a daily thing on my Twitter.
It is an unofficial swap. You are paired with another member of IGGPPC who wanted to participate and you find a small gift for every day of the month. Wrap them and send off the box to your paired partner.

Every day each participant opens one small gift. 🙂
It is exciting and nerve wracking. (nerve wracking for the gifts you sent! Exciting to see what you will receive!)

My box is tucked away out sight until the first. My box for another member has been sent out and successfully delivered. 🙂

February is going to be an exciting month.


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