Wednesday: Home made Paint Mist Sprays

I set a tricky goal for myself for this year. One new thing a month. I mentioned how I wasn’t sure how I was going to keep coming up with things that were family friendly or at least able to be done by me with a child.

But this month I have managed two new things.

I have tried Gnocchi. A food I haven’t really been enticed to try.
Now I know, it was with good reason. Yuck.

I have also finally gotten around to trying to make my own paint mist spray.
I picked up a travel bottle set at the dollar store, to try a few weeks ago. But I was not inspired by the paint colours I had.
Until yesterday morning when I remembered I had bought gold recently.

I literally ran across the house, thrilled I had an idea and the colour to go with the project I was working on.

I saw a tutorial on YouTube that said that alcohol was better than water so that is what I used.
All you need is:

a bottle that sprays,
the paint colour of choice  

It’s that easy.

The travel bottle, doesn’t spray too badly, but apparently Americans can get better ones at Target.
Unfortunately, Target in Canada sucks and never has any decent inventory. So, it’s a non option.
I will definitely be looking for better bottles though.


I actually had the idea to go over the paint mist with a brayer (not pictured) and it was a ton of fun. I also added a ton more gold.
It’s a lot brighter than my phone camera shows.

I did find though, that if you want your spray to be really bright you are going to want more paint, possibly less alcohol.
I am going to be playing around with the right mix for awhile.

If you have ever had the slightest curiosity about paint mist but don’t want to fork out the cash for them, this is a fun cheap way to try them out.


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