Wishlist Wednesday – Waiting for Spring Edition

We are having some crazy weather here. But if nothing else at least it involves more sunlight with each passing day.
It’s definitely needed because our snow is knee level and it feels like it may never end.

The little we lose by the sun being out, we get back when it snows at night.
It is also warming up some, though I am not sure how long that is going to last.

I am all about the littlest ways to get through the days now until Spring.
Spring is the only thing on my wish list this week.
I think everybody is pretty  much in that frame of mind right now.

While this winter has not been as brutal as last year (Thank goodness!) I am ready to be on to the next season. Bring on the sunshine, rainbows, sun showers and the PLANTS and FLOWERS. I am ready to be out in the garden.

We purchased a bag of Wildflower seeds that were on sale the other day, just for the hope that they bring.
My #loveyourinnergeek gift today was a small forget me not growing kit.

My reading has been slow and sparse this year so far. I am shifting my schedule. I am trying to be in bed by 10pm now.
I have been wanting to be up earlier in the day but kidlet has been getting up during the night and getting up early.

So my me time has not been happening in the morning.

However. My self care has been getting better. My skin looks and feels amazing.
I have also been doing well with regular journaling, morning pages and writing in the daily planner.
The gratitude planner is not going quite as well, Though it may get better once Lent starts because they are in the same book. My topics are written in where I will see it.

Here’s hoping.
What little things are you clinging to, to help you make it to Spring?


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